About Lili

Whilst living in Australia, Liz completed a Diploma of Interior Design in 1995 and initially gained experience working in Wellington for a number of years. Quite a change from her first career as a registered nurse. Liz (also known as Lili) moved to Akaroa in 2000 with her husband and purchased Wilderness House, an old colonial house in need of care and restoration which they established as a Bed and Breakfast.  It was a dream for her to have such a lovely old colonial house to be able to create a charming and comfortable home using her flair for fine fabric, texture and colour.  

Liz established "Lili's Interiors" in 2004 as an independent interior design business, operating in Akaroa and Christchurch city. She quickly developed a reputation as a competent interior design consultant with a speciality in window treatments, colour schemes and soft furnishings.   In 2013, Jim and Liz sold the B & B and, in search of a lifestyle change, set off pursuing a long standing ambition to travel and experience the variety of lifestyles and cultures in the UK and all around Europe. Since returning to NZ two years later, Jim & Liz purchased and renovated a house in Akaroa and have restarted “Lili’s Interiors” as a home based interior design business. Their son Jeremy now lives in Berlin and so Jim & Liz regularly travel to the UK and Europe, which gives Liz an opportunity to keep in touch with the latest European trends.

Liz has a strong passion for fabrics, textures, colours and interior design and she has a well established client base. In her home based studio Liz has a wide selection of fabric samples, curtains, blinds, lamps and soft furnishings for view. Liz creates inspired design concepts working with what the customer wants.


Questions or Queries?

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or queries or you would like to see more examples of my work.